About Mario Sanchez

Mario Sanchez is a well-known tattoo artist and owner of a family oriented shop in San Antonio, TX. He is a custom tattoo artist specializing in portraits, cover-ups and realism. Born and raised in the small town of Abiline, TX his dreams well exceeded his opportunities so he moved to Lubbock, TX to get one step closer to fulfilling his dreams.

    He studied at Texas Tech University for a degree in graphic design and illustration with a minor in painting from 1989-1994. When he wasn’t hitting the books, Mario began the start of his career in his free time. He began tattooing his friends and fraternity brothers, so that they would be forever marked with their greek letters.

    In 1992, while still attending Texas Tech, he only tattooed to earn the income to pay for college. Soon after graduating in 1994, he went professional in both fields of graphic design and skin art. In 1996, he opened a graphic design corporation, winning various awards for designs with big name corporate clients. Mario also won “Business Man of the Year” and was featured professionally in various magazines and newspapers for his accomplishments. As busy as he was running a well-known design firm, he still found time to do his one, true calling- tattooing. Mario’s talent and skills offered many opportunities to go far with his art career, travel to amazing cities and expand with fortune 500 companies nationwide; however, this was not what he truly wanted to do. With the ideas of having an a-typical store with a passion for tattooing he opened up a tattoo studio to call his very own-Prick Tattoos.

    These days you can find Mario, an international award winning artist, following his dreams at Prick Tattoos, along with his youngest son, Drake, who hopes to one day follow in Mario’s footsteps.

    If you are interested in getting a unique piece of art, but do not live in or near the San Antonio area, send him a message. He is always willing to travel or, at the very least, let [potential clients know if and when he will be in their area.